A Whole New World

Posted: September 17, 2010 in work

It has always been hard for me to make my own decision. For some reasons I always want to get the opinion of the people around me before I finally decide, and, in most cases, I do what they say.

The head of our Human Resource Management Office resigned, leaving the office “headless”. The resignation was approved, but the big question was: “Who would replace her?” For some employees, that may be the question, but for the executive director, the question was: “Who would be the best person to assume the position?”. A lot of considerations were taken, and finally, the decision: the Director for Academic Affairs, who also happened to be the Associate Dean of one of the colleges of the university, would be the Officer-in-Charge. But because of the two other offices that she had to maintain, she needed an assistant – someone who would do the “dirty work” (as the ED called it) for the HR Office. So then another question: “Who would assist her?” rather, “Who would be the best person to assist her?” And so the offer came. I was offered to assist the OIC – an offer which I could turn down, supposedly, but unfortunately seemed that I could not. I was happy being a simple instructor, and I knew this offer would totally  shake my simple and quiet world. But then again, it’s an opportunity. So why waste it? Haist. I talked to my mom, my sisters, and my closest friends (though I already knew what they would say…or I thought I did). I got almost the same answer: Go. And, being the “Ok,fine, you said it, I’ll do it” person that I am, I accepted the job. Now, it’s A WHOLE NEW WORLD.

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